“Looking for flexible packaging producer who provides packaging solutions, Majend Makcs Co., Ltd. is you answer.”

Majend Makcs Co., Ltd. support people’s “convenient and simple lives” through the development and manufacturing of functional packaging material which can be used in various areas, such as retort pouches and barrier materials. We ensure the highest quality with our long lasting advanced technology, taking the peculiarities of each product into account. 

We strive to make challenges along with increasing need, from food, medical, cosmetics, apparel to industrial. 

If you Looking for flexible packaging producer who provides packaging solutions, Majend Makcs Co., Ltd. is you answer. Whatever your requirements our experts team will closely support and work with you to develop the most appropriate and resource-efficient solution according to your requirements.

‘Majend Makcs’

Message from the CEO

Majend Makcs was established in 2002 and joined the TOPPAN group in 2022.

Our mission is to bring people a better life as a leading packaging manufacturer in Thailand.
 We will expand our business by leveraging TOPPAN Group’s industry-leading technologies and development capabilities to achieve a better society. This includes Toppan’s GL FILM, a transparent vapor deposition barrier film with a top-class market share worldwide, and TOPPAN Group’s global customer network.

Demand for technological innovation for packaging, such as improvement of recyclability and reducing environmental impact by minimizing resin usage, has been increasing under the growing corporate responsibility for the environment including sustainability

We will continue to work together as the TOPPAN group to meet our customer’s expectations of not only the Thailand market, but also the ASEAN market and the global market, to achieve a sustainable future.

CEO of Majend Makcs Co., ltd.
Shin Kukita

We Are High Quality
Food Grade Factory

Our factory which is the intelligence center as well as the heart of Majend Makcs Co., Ltd. Our prominent technological skills are maximized.

This is why all employees work together on pursuing better than ever quality.

Quality control is automated so that each single process in the factory can be thoroughly checked.

Our policy is to focus on controlling.

With this in mind, we will achieve speedy and innovative mass production system.

The improvement of technological skills is based on stable quality.

Our Philosophy can be seen everywhere in the factory.

We achieve incomparable and ideal production environments through an uncompromising hygiene management within the factory. Our experts assigned to their specialized process use state-of-the-art equipment in a highly-professional way.

These certificates can guarantee we are one of
“Best Food Grade Factory” with the international standard.

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