Other Whatever you need to find solution on your product. We can find and design the appropriate solution for you. Top film for tray? Yes, we do!  Top film for Thermoform!  Yes, we do!  Other! Let discuss! You may also like

Roll film


Roll film Automatic packing need our roll form. Some of you may looking for roll film for your automatic filling or packing machines. We offer almost comprehensive on product type you’re looking for such as retort, standard, boil, frozen, sachet, and etc. we make a goods easy for your production. You may also like

Functional Bag


Functional Bag Some specific product need specific bag. You may hear perforator bag is not easy to find supplier does but we do. Microwave bag is very popular because it’s easy for consumer’s daily life. Our bag’s technology called easy microwave cook: EMC (Click here to see more detail on EMC bag) which is an innovative […]

Printing technique


Printing Technique We proud to present our printing technique can create some unique on your product. If you need high technology, we are. With the best machine we can print maximum 10 colors including matt vanish and create many shades base on your requirement. You may also like



Frozen Any kind of freeze products possibility in this group. If your product mostly after processing keep in freeze then frozen group may appropriate. Also, boil grade can be into theses group as some process instigate both boil and frozen for product. We design with the verity multiple laminate layer including 2-3 layers. You may […]



Boil We named boil grade as a condition process on production. If you use our product with temperature approximately 80°C -98°C, it may be boil grade. However, to conclude about appropriate group of product we have to clarify and discuss more on detail. You may also like

High Barrier


High Barrier High barrier mean high protecting. Food may very sensitive or need more protecting from oxidation. Additional, some product that you would like to show content inside and need barrier to keep shelf life for long time. Thus, transparent high barrier is you answer. You may also like

Retort bag


Retort bag Sterilization condition is a key for retort product. Used for sterilization the food is prepared either raw or cooked and then filled into the retort pouch. The process heated with high degree for several minutes under high pressure inside a retort or autoclave. Not only 4-3 layers we produce, but we also produce […]

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